Liliana's Story

My country is a barbarism but the Venezuelan does not abandon. I am the first of my family to run away. I am the image of freedom. The one that opens roads. There is always a first one who opens the door and says follow me; here we are safe. It is hard to be without the love of your family, but it is important to be part of the story in the stories of the family of the future.

You are afraid of tomorrow, of the decision of a God dressed in a toga, of the hurtful words of a
stranger who is annoyed with you for entering without knocking the door. A small room with
four chairs and a new flag and you do not speak their language. Your only weapon is the translator’s trust and look. What do they say? Is it true? And your knees tremble, your hip succumbs to pain and you keep from crying. Nobody wants the weak.

You are afraid of the night, of the nights and you do not sleep. You know they are upset because they shout at you and look at you with hatred but you do not understand. You ran to save your life. Believe me, it’s not your fault you do not speak English.
— Excerpt of 'YA TE VI Y TIENES MIEDO' by Liliana Romero (translated from Spanish)