Linda's Story

Both sets of my grandparents emigrated from Eastern Europe in the early 20th century (Russia and Lithuania). My paternal side of the family was a bit dispersed (due in part to a "fight in Europe"). My maternal grandparents and one or two siblings emigrated, but many left behind and perished in the Holocaust. My grandmother was instrumental in getting her niece and family to America before World War II began. Their town of Saaki was destroyed. As the older relatives died, and with no written records or surviving relatives in Europe, it is hard to trace either side back very far. I am constantly meeting people who are distantly related! Our family name was Glassberg, but my grandfather and great uncle changed it to "Cohen" at Ellis Island. They came together, sailing out of Heidelberg, as "Velvel" and "Jankel", but in America, became "William" and "Jack"! William got married, and later died in a flu epidemic, and Jack then married his widow! They raised a loving family and his sons did well in the dairy business.