Richard's Story

I was born n Nottingham, England in September 1979 and I moved to live in Columbus, Ohio in September 2006, to take up a position as assistant professor at Ohio State University. At the time I had no idea how long I would stay. I think my family back in the UK thought it would be a short experiment. But then, in fall 2008 I met Rebeka. She was from Bilbao, Spain and had moved to the US in 2001, first to Los Angeles and then to Columbus (she also is a professor at OSU). Rebeka changed (and changes) everything and she made here home. Our son, Eneko was born in October 2009 and we became citizens in Early 2018. We are happy to be Americans by choice and will work together to make this country the place we want to live. We will vote for the first time in November and will keep on voting until we have a government that represents the true American values of love, openness, diversity and respect.